How Long Should The Same Content Be Repeated?

I have an issue with coverage of the missing Malaysia Airlines Flight 370. Despite the mysterious nature of its disappearance and the intrigue the investigation has created because of the lack of any information (which is what makes it so interesting), not much new has happened in six days.

So I thought to myself, how long should the coverage continue in its current form when nothing new has been discovered? CNN continues using the “Breaking News” banner when most times they are interviewing former pilots, re-capping the fact that nothing new has emerged or reporting on other news media stories.

None of this is “breaking” and certainly from a content standpoint nothing new has transpired. The story cannot be and should not be ignored and yet we have been hearing literally the same thing for the past week. Responsible journalism dictates the story be advanced in some way each time it is reported. It is certainly a fine line and not easy but I think it is better to report the little that is new even if that occurs sporadically rather than the constant analysis of the unknown.