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(Clears throat) Is this thing on?

Hi. My name is Joel Kranc and this is the corporate blog of KRANC COMMUNICATIONS. I’ve thought about this quite a bit. My plan is to post things that either I connect with or I think will connect with you. I don’t intend to do (a great deal of) self promotion. Since the business I operate in is about connecting and encouraging people to think, whether that means think about financial services, real estate, infrastructure or the world they live in, I hope to share with you thoughts and commentary on the world in a way that makes those connections and hopefully provides some entertainment at the same time. My aim is to do this on a weekly basis.

I suppose it could get political at times, but my intension will never be to offend or pick a fight. This being my first post, I simply wanted to introduce myself and my goals at the get go. Over time, I hope the debates get livelier and more interesting and I’m sure will. In the meantime, thanks for being a part of KRANC COMMUNICATIONS in whatever way you make it your own. And as this is the beginning of 2013, I am proud to get some self promotion out of the way and unveil my website. Please send me a note if you need help and/or have questions and I look forward to the continued dialogue. Talk to you soon.